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nick persad

nick persad Asked 10 years ago

This serve is a reverse sidespin topspin, I do this serve when i find myself in  a situation where i need points and i get them fairly easy as the other players are not accustom to the spin i want to perfect it so a video on stance, contact with ball, and how to throw and contact  the ball for a very spiny but short ball as that is how it is supposed to be so a video on this would be really helpful.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Nick,

We do have a lesson on the reverse serve in our Serving Secrets section.  To get the ball short you need to brush the ball a bit finer.  It is a difficult thing to perfect but it is fun to work on it and try to improve it.

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Ken Memoria

Ken Memoria Posted 10 years ago

I think that serve is nice Serve with reverse backspin sidespin and topspin....I try that serve in the tournament


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