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Last updated 6 years ago

Tim Mytton

Tim Mytton Asked 6 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff.

Today I played against a very topspiny tomahawk serve. I usually hold my bat lightly and push it back with other serves, however when I did this it bounced up high for my opponent to finish the point! Should I try to top spin it back? Thanks!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Tim,

Yes, with a topspin serve you are better to flick or topspin the ball back otherwise as you found it will go too high.

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Tim Mytton

Tim Mytton Posted 6 years ago

Thanks Alois, but I don't understand how putting backspin on a top spin ball adds so much height while a flick or topspin doesn't! Also when I return this serve, should I hold the bat lightly or firmly? Just needed some extra information to know exactly how to return this frustrating serve, oh do I hate it! Thanks

Hendrik S

Hendrik S Posted 6 years ago

Try to hold ur bat a bit lightly, for a better wrist movement. Of course it shouldnt be too relaxed, but just so tight that u can still pull the bat out of your hand. It also helps to absorb some spin and speed of the ball. The ball gets much more hight, cause u backspin the ball with an open bat angle. The problem is that the topspin will unfold very well on your open bat angle and thus go high. The key is to close ur bat angle versus topspin. Closed bat angle = ball will go lower and u can nullify topspin, Open bat angle = the ball will go higher and u can nullify backspin. Remember to really close ur bat angle when u want to topspin versus this serve and maybe wait a bit before u hit the ball(less spin).

U can also to try to take it early and flat with a closed bat angle, just like a block or small counterhit. Not sure about the counterhit tho. It depends on how good the tomahawk serve of ur opponent is, but if its decent there might be also alot of sidespin. Also try to adjust ur bat angle here(sideways) to counter the sidespin, preventing balls going out to the side and make them bounce on the table, based on the same principle of correct bat angle nullifying different types of spin. I think its also easier to hit those sidespin balls down the line, instead of hitting them in the direction where the spin was given onto the ball.

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