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Kedar Dandekar

Kedar Dandekar Asked 3 months ago

Hi coach ,

When the ball is having deep chop we have to play a spinny topspin against it but when I do this theĀ  opponent counter attacks my shot and wins the point. How can I avoid this situation?



Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 3 months ago

Hi Kedar,

When faced with a deep chop, initiating a spinny topspin is indeed a good strategy to counteract the backspin on the ball. However, if your opponent is consistently able to counter kill your topspin, that suggests that your shot might not be as effective as it could be. To improve the situation, consider the following tips:

1. Quality of Spin:

Make sure your topspin is loaded with enough spin. The more spin you generate, the more difficult it will be for your opponent to counter attack the ball effectively, as they have to deal with the increased rotation of the ball.

2. Placement: Aim your shots to less predictable or difficult-to-reach areas for your opponent. For example, play into their crossover point (the transition between forehand and backhand) or deep to the corners. This makes it harder for them to position themselves for a counter kill.

3. Variation: Mix up the speed and depth of your topspins. Sometimes, a slower but spinnier loop can be more effective than a faster, less spinny one. The variation can disrupt your opponent's timing.

4. Follow up: Be ready to follow up your spinny topspin with another strong shot. By staying active and ready after your loop, you can pressure your opponent and reduce their chance to counter kill.

5. Serve and Third Ball Attack: Ensure that you're setting up your topspin attack effectively with a good serve. Serving with variation and deceptive spin can prevent your opponent from returning with a strong chop that is easy for them to counter attack on the next ball.

6. Footwork and Body Position: Ensure your footwork and body position allow you to generate maximum spin and power. Proper weight transfer from back to front and using your torso to rotate can enhance the spin on your loop.

7. Anticipate and Position: If your opponent has a pattern or preference for counter killing, anticipate this and position yourself accordingly. This can also mean staying a little bit further back from the table to give yourself more time to react to the counter kill.

8. Practice Drills: Incorporate drills into your practice that simulate these situations. Have a training partner or coach give you deep chops to attack, and then counter your topspin. This will help you improve your shot quality under pressure.

Remember, table tennis is a game of strategy and constant adjustments. By analyzing your matches and identifying what areas to improve, you can craft a more effective game plan and reduce the chances of your opponent taking advantage of your topspin attacks. Good luck with your training and improving your topspin against chop!

Best regards, Jeff.

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