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Michael Komorowski

Michael Komorowski Asked 10 years ago


Good table tennis player is able to put almost every ball on the table.

We all know that topspin forces the ball to curve donwards into table, so I tend to think that is safer way to play with "topspin-flavoured" strokes than "normal" strokes.

My questions:

1. Do you think this may be a good idea to play counterhits, blocks, contra-topspins with as much topspin as possible

2. Is this approach used in teaching players in professional table tennis clubs?

All the best,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Michael,

You are completely right.  Topspin is crucial in being able to play faster and better.  It is a key part of teaching of strokes.

As you develop topspin on your strokes you will find that you can hit the ball as fast as you want and the ball will still dip onto the table.

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Michael Komorowski

Michael Komorowski Posted 10 years ago

That's great news ! I can't wait to try this !

Let me share my point of view about that concept:

ENERGY = SPIN + SPEED. First you have to adjust correct amount of energy to keep a shot agressive, but still safe - not too little not too much energy. It depends of your opponent's return, your position, time and balance. Then you have to set the correct ratio between spin and speed - more risky? = more speed. more safe (but still agressive with heavy spin) = more topspin.

If you estimate that parameters correctly your strokes will be powerful yet still on the table.

I wonder if I think about all that stuff properly.

Anyway, thank You so much for Your answer !


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