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Bill Hoang

Bill Hoang Asked 11 years ago

Dear coach,

i'm 13 and i'm a little too short (1m55) for the table and i have problems since i was learning counterhits. so instead of learning the basics, i learned the intermediate first (backspin, chops, serve->push->topspin,...).

now i have problem using my forehand due to angle control and force control. i also have a little problem doing long range backhand topspins. due to my shortage of height, most of the time when i use backhand blocks and flicks,i barely see the ball. and when i do forehand and backhand topspins, i often  push the ball too far and miss the table. i also have problems dealing with strong sidespins and fast topspin because their spin is too strong for my speed to handle and the ball bounce away.

my club coach tought me to do close backhand topspins against medium and short range backspins, i've done them well. but i can't do anything against topspins. and i havent yet learned how to control the force and angle of the forehand topspins.

there were some topspins that was really low and close to the edge of the table. i usually block them using open angled backhand but they all fly too low and touch the net.

how do you suggest me to solve those problems?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 11 years ago

Hi Bill,

It sounds like you are progressing quite well. If you can play good topspins close to the table and can serve and then make a good third ball you are well on your way to becoming a very good player.

With regards to blocking it can take some time to develop the control. Just keep on practicing and try to implement some of our tips we give in our Backhand Block video.

As you are only 13 I'm sure you'll continue to grow but there have been some very successful table tennis players who were not overly tall. Deng Yaping from China comes to mind.

Keep up the good work and keep practicing. You are on the right track. 

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