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M V Asked 11 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff,

your lessons are proving to be really helpful, serving and receiving secrets revealed was surely a good investment and my knowledge of the game has gone up tremendously, plus i now have a very different perspective towards the game.

my question is while performing a pendulum serve, you guys seem to be tossing the ball towards you, i hope i am able to explain, the toss starts from away from your body and it is tossed towards your body, is my observation correct if you can throw some light on this one, and if there are any things to be kept in mind while tossing the ball in a certain way for a good pendulum serve

also though you talk about making a half circle with pendulum serve, while actually performing it, your actual swing seems to be not so big, seems about 50% of the half circle in the air that you talk about? again is my observation correct and if you can clarify the why and how of it?

sorry for such a long question, keep up the great work.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago


Thanks fr your great feedback about our DVDs and site.  It is always nice to know that our work is reaching players.

Regarding the ball toss, it is best to throw it up straight.  Strictly the rule says the throw needs to be almost vertical.  You can get away wit a bit of tolerance but when training it is best to get the ball straight up.

With the serve at a more advance level you get the semi circle by bringing your wrist through rather than your whole forearm.  This also gets the bat to move faster and therefore generate more spin.

Keep up the training. 

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