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marc maddrag

marc maddrag Asked 11 years ago

I started to play long pimples backhand a year ago. For the moment my main resource has been video and forum on the internet. I can spend 2 hours per day searching for some data.   During the last christmas, I played for 2 hours a day during 2 weeks with a robot.  It help me a lot with my basic stroke.I'm playing presently 6 hours a week. On monday, I play 3 hours in  a club where teams of 3 players  are playing against other 6 teams, meeting one team each week.

On friday, I play freely 3 hours. The main players want to play game. Not practicing. If I found one partner, he`s rapidly tired of my long pimples and want to play games. Often they have problem returning my ball and the result is I cannot really practice my techniques. ( ex: long push, then shop block on his top and finish with a counter atteck. )  The rally often end after the first shot !

My problem is to find a good partner to play with and  good enough to return my balls and be able to know about long pimples and helping me with it.  Robot can't tell me if my technique is good or my return are being effectiive.   I met many coach but never seem to be able to really coach me on that technique that is very specific. The more often, they only know the basic of long pimples but they don't know the variables, for example, between the defence regular chop, rip chop and chop block. I tried once with a coach but he doesn't seem to show my basic problems or mistake. And forget any coaching on stratégy during a match !

I really find myself quite alone in that field ! 

But, hey I really like that stuff and all the variables possible to play. I'm a modern defender with offensive looper on the forehand.  Against easy players I almost don't play my backhand, Against my own level, I play conservatism and play my pimples more defensivly when needed. Against player above me, I'm really aggressive and use many shots to give them problems but the lack of coaching make me uncertain of the techniques ans strategy to use against those diffrent style of players.

Any suggestion ?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Marc,

This is a really big topic and something that we haven't done as atopic as yet.  See if you can find other long pimples players to discuss things with as well.

You will start to learn more by experience as well of course but this can take a bit longer.

I think when playing all players in a game try to use your proper techniques.  Since you get little training using your techniques use each opportunity to use them.  Sometimes against weaker players they may handle the pimples well so you may miss an opportunity.

When practicing with the robot take a bit of time between balls to watch the effect of your shot on the other side.  Watch the bounce, how much backspin you are generating or topspin against a backspin feed.  You will learn a lot from this feedback as well.

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Phillip Simmons

Phillip Simmons Posted 11 years ago

I wish that Marc lived near me in FL.  I also use long pips on my backhand and have an excellent robot.  But as we all know nothing beats a practice partner where you help each other'sl game.  What I do now is use my playing time as practice time.  I don't worry about winning or losing.  I practice what I need to work on while playing.  I also help people with their game, as I make them better it gives me more practice and competition.

I'm now the guy the really good players go to for games to help them with playing against long pips.l  I have fun, improve my game, and lose a lot.

However it is helping me in tournaments, where I am slowly moving up in the rankings.  I also would like to find a coach who really work with long pips player.  Greg Letts does just that, but he has closed his online training, but hopefully will return in early fall.

Alex and Jeff have helped me a lot and respond to my questions very promptly.  They will remain as my "coaches" for a long time.



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