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Jason Zhang

Jason Zhang Asked 7 years ago

 Hi Alois and/or Jeff,

On my current racket, I noticed that my racket (DHS A6002) has a Hurricane 3 rubber with a transparent top sheet, enough that the pips beneath the smooth surface can be seen. At first, I thought the racket is a fake, for the A6002 is commonly targeted for counterfeits, and the top sheet peels after short usage, a possible flaw/fake. However, this transparency has been unanswered so far in my research (~20 minutes), and I'm wondering why it is like this.

Any answers? Thanks,


P.S. There is a way to check if my racket is fake or not, though the program does not work on my computer.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Jason,

Sometimes the top sheets are quite transparent.  It is probably OK.  For that level of bat it won’t make a lot of difference.

I don’t know how to check whether they are fake or not.  Others may be able to tell you.

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