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Dale Martinez

Dale Martinez Asked 7 years ago


A&B will play X&Y in doubles

A serves to X

Next game X&Y team is to serve...

Question: which one is required to serve X or Y or can they choose who serves?

 (In all games afterwards I understand A & X will serve or receive to each other and the same for B & Y)

Question: Are all double team members  (A & B & X & Y) required to serve in a match of seven games?

Question:  When its A&B time to serve throughout the match, can this team always choose to let A serve and therefore the match can go without  B ever serving?

I always played this routine in the serve order:

A to X, X to A, B to Y, Y to B and then rotation starts all over again.....not true?




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Dale,

Firstly, X & Y can decide which of them they want to serve first.

The rotation has to remain the same for one game.  The rootation isn't quite as you play.

This is it:

A to X for 2 serves, then X to B for 2, B to Y for 2 and Y to A for 2 and so on until the end of the game.  If the score gets to 10 all then each rotation is one serve.

In the next game the rotation is reversed.  So X to A, A to Y, Y to B, B to X.

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