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Marv Anderson

Marv Anderson Asked 5 years ago

Hi, Guys,

I continue to enjoy your shows.

I have just recently noticed that if I turn my body at the waist while hitting a topspin drive or loop against a backspin shot, I get better results.  

I turn to the right before hitting (I am right-handed) on the forehand, and then turn back when hitting the ball.  I turn to my left and drop my left shoulder slightly and then turn back and straighten up when hitting the ball. When I do these turns, I seem to get the ball back much more reliably.

Does this sound like a proper technique, or just a fluke?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Marv,

This is good technique.

The twisting of the waist will also allow you to generate more speed later.  Keep working on it.

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Daniel Bibeau

Daniel Bibeau Posted 5 years ago

Im a Japanese penholder but I imagine this holds true for shakehand as well (plz correct me if im wrong here) you should not drop your left shoulder when driving and or looping... your torso or waist is critical so yes you must twist it but you should do it parallel. .. dont drop it or pull your shoulder back... the lift you get is from your right leg as you go down twist your hips but concentrate on keeping your left shoulder on an even line... then explode into your shot by simultaneously pushing back off your leg with foot pivot, twisting your hips back and your right arm elbow and slight wrist  action... whatever it is u do...

Just try looking in mirror and mimic your stroke and keep an eye on your left shoulder. ..(it ll rotate with waist from right to left but not down and up independently) let me know how that works out for you.  I had a coach stress that recently and it made a huge difference. .. 

Marv Anderson

Marv Anderson Posted 5 years ago

Thanks for the comment.  I think this applies to shakehand players as well.  I do find that dipping the shoulder on the backhand helps me a lot, and I think that most penholder players don't do much backhand looping.

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