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jack Unknown

jack Unknown Asked 13 years ago

Hi Alois,

I'm thinking of upgrading my bat. i currently use a Stiga Caliber and it is a good bat for speed and spin. so can you suggest rubbers for me which are offensive but still needs to be a bit good for pushing and blocking. Is stiga mendo,mendo mp,mendo energy and carbo a good rubber ???


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 13 years ago

Hi Nihal,

I have never used the Stiga Mendo rubber myself but it does have a good reputation. At PingSkills we try not to place to much emphasis on the equipment but more on developing your skills. For people upgrading to a custom bat from a pre-made bat we often recommend a Stiga Allround Blade with Yasaka Mark V rubber or a Butterfly Primorac OFF- blade with Butterfly Sriver rubber. Both of these bats have been used successfully by players for decades so you can't go too wrong with them. They will allow you to develop your strokes and play to a high level. Having said that there are thousands of rubbers out there so as long as it is from a reputable Table Tennis brand, you should be OK.

If anyone has any suggestions for Nihal then please leave a comment - we'd love to hear your thoughts on what he could use. Good luck with your search Nihal!

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