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debasish chowdhury

debasish chowdhury Asked 11 years ago

I am a coach in India. I have some very promising students who may represent their country very soon.  When I use to play I used Mark v on my forehand and sriver on my backhand but with SPEED GLUE. My question is whether Mark V and Sriver FL are compatable with WATER GLUE or not.If not what are the rubbers very much similar to these rubbers which can be used with WATER BASED GLUE?





Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Debasish,

You can think about getting the players to use a Tensor rubber.  The Tensor rubbers try to replicate the effect of speed glue by stretching the rubber sheet.  You can still se Mark V and Sriver but they relied on the speed glue for the speed while they have the inbuilt control.

There are literally hundreds of rubbers that are appropriate but the one we recommend are Yasaka Pryde or XIOM Vega Pro.

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