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Hanson Lukcs

Hanson Lukcs Asked 10 years ago

Can you show me how can i execute schlager's serve because i saw that schlager's serve confuses me and also his opponent . he can serve a sidespin like a reverse side spin .i want to learn his serve but i just cant easily confuses my opponent and my serve is short. And i want to learn how to receive after my opponent receive my serve.

thank you,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Hanson,

Schlager's serve is great.  He was one of the first players to use the Reverse serve.

Take a look at our pervious response by Simon on How do I get feeling in the Reverse Pendulum Serve?

To set up a good following shot you need to first work on the serve to be able to control it to where you want and to generate the type of spin you want.  Then you will be able to identify for each opponent their weakness and how to get a ball back that you like.

For some players this may be a topspin serve and for others it may be a backspin serve.

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