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Maurice Mijnders

Maurice Mijnders Asked 5 years ago

Hello. I am really wondering what kind of blade I should take as a modern defender. I thought of the grass d.tecs long pips on my bh and I would like a very good top spin rubber on my fh for more spin and a bit less speed (not yet sure which one, maybe you have some tips for that too?) and should they be inverted? I've been looking around quite a bit, but I can't decide what's the best to choose. Thank you in advance!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Maurice,

I think you should get an all round blade.  I don't have a specific recommendation but find something that the manufacturer rates as all round.

The Grass D-TEchs is a good choice for the backhand.  Use an inverted rubber on the forehand. I think the chinese rubbers are quite good for this.  You could get a 2mm or 1.8mm thickness which will give you better control for chopping but still allow you to attack.

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Maurice Mijnders

Maurice Mijnders Posted 5 years ago

I've got something nice together. I'm not going with the dtecs yet because they are quite hard. I'm starting with the galaxy neptune.

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