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Abel Kovacs

Abel Kovacs Asked 5 years ago

Hi Alois,

First of all I would like to applaud the effort you take into helping a worldwide table tennis community both with useful lessons and answering questions. 

I was really glad when I have found out that you not only make youtube videos but also give a helping hand to those who want their questions to be answered. In my little, lovely town there is not a single table tennis coach who could give me some answers and advices. But I would not hold up you long so let's get to the point. 

My question is what custom made table tennis bat should I buy? More exactly what rubbers and blade should I get? 

There is one bigger site in my country from where I can buy the right equipment. There is a number of different brands to choose from: Butterfly, Donic, Joola, Nittaku, Tibhar, TSP, DHS, Yasaka, Victas, Stiga, Double Fish and Cornilleau. I know some of these brands but I have no clue about the differences and their advantages/disadavantages. I don't want to spend more than 120-130$. (I can accept if you recommend one of your bat if you believe that might be the best option for me). 

I have never had a custom made bat before. I have used some Joola and Donic pre-made bats. I have been playing for ten years now (I'm 19) and trying to improve my game in every aspect but my playing opportunities were limited until last year. I moved away to city where I am able to play 3-4 times every week. That's because I want to change bat and do the next step in my game. Mainly I want to use more spin and develop a more offensive gamestyle. I think I'm quite solid on both the forehand and backhand side. My chops and pushes are working most of the time. I believe my biggest strength is the forehand loops and my biggest weaknesses are serving and blocking (especially the forehand block). To be honest, I want to assemble a bat which helps me to participate in some amateur tournaments and don't have to suffer from disadvantages given by it. 

Sorry for the length and my grammar!

Oh, and is it difficult to assemble the bat? I mean the gluing and stuff...



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Abel,

You are right there are too many options out there.

First take a look at the tutorial we have on Choosing a Table Tennis Bat.

You will see that there are endless possibilities.  Make sure you don't get anything that is too fast for you because that will mean you will have to compromise your strokes.

The bat from our range that we would recommend is the PingSkills Touch with Mark V rubber.  It comes already assembled for you and ready to use.  Any bat with ark V is a good start when thinking about a Custom made bat.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the kind words about the site.

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Dima Shevchenko

Dima Shevchenko Posted 5 years ago

I agree with Alois. I did get a mark V changed to Rakza 7 for faster speed. Thinking off chinese rubbers now. Not recommended for beginners. 

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