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Tmoney Tlarz09

Tmoney Tlarz09 Asked 7 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff I have enjoyed this website extremely. My question for you guys is how do you as a player tell if the club quality is good or bad of course there are many factors that play into that but I am more focused on the level of play at that club. Is diversity in play more important than the level of play? And when should a club be created, also maybe you guys have some tips on how to run a high quality table tennis club?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Tmoney,

I think anytime there are a group of players wanting to improve and to help others then you can form a club.

I think some of the factors of a good club are:

  • Welcoming environment to players of all levels
  • Structured training session for many levels of players
  • Interested coaches that are keen to increase the level of the players
  • Organised weekly competition
  • Encouraging players wanting to improve their level and recognition for players doing that
  • Players of all abilities willing to help other players
  • Some strong players there that will be able to model for other players the skills of the game and how to train.

Does anyone else have some more ideas?

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Tmoney Tlarz09

Tmoney Tlarz09 Posted 7 years ago

Thanks for answering my question.

Gabriel Casado

Gabriel Casado Posted 7 years ago

Hi Elois,

Good Morning!

Is very useful your information you have sent.

I am from Argentina I live in small town and we started to play in a friend's house.

Two month ago, the goverment gave us a big space and we are forming a club with 3 tables and lot of people are interested in playing.

We are trying to form all the new guys that start at the club and we have all the time in our minds your video's lessons.

My question:

Current plan: to play matches between all players.

Do you think we have to make one day serve, other service return, other day service attack.

Which plan do you think is better? Which do you think is the best Struture to do to improve the level?
We are playing:

- Mon 21:30 to 24
- Wed 21:30 to 24
- Fri   21:30 to 24

Please, Alois give us an advice on how to use our time between matches and training efficiently.

Thank you in advance.

best regard,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Hi Gabriel,

There is not one way to do it, but perhaps one night of competition and the other 2 training nights.  

With the 2 training nights it would be good to follow a structure with what is being done.  You could follow the 52 Week Training Plan or just have a focus for a few weeks on one thing that you are wanting to improve.

Pratap Pandit

Pratap Pandit Posted 7 years ago

Thanks Alois for your opinion on a good club. The new club that I joined has all the factors you mentioned, and I have now started a weekly team tournament.


Thanks once again for the great guidance.

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