What serve is best for a 3rd ball attack?

Table Tennis Serving

Last updated 9 years ago

Siddhartha Raja

Siddhartha Raja Asked 9 years ago

Sir when i do a serve my opponent receives it pretty well and i don't make a third ball attack. So please tell me what kind of serve i can use to make third ball attack

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Siddhartha,

The best way to get an easier ball for your third ball attack is to have some service variations which look very similar but put slightly different amounts of spin on the ball. In particular I like to use the no-spin/backspin combination. Using a very similar action you can serve one ball with lots of backspin and another with less backspin. If your opponent doesn't read the amount of spin well enough, you'll force and error or get an easier ball to attack.

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