What short pips to use for backhand chopping?

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Andrew Leadbeater

Andrew Leadbeater Asked 8 years ago

Hey Alois!

Been a long time fan, and I have been wanting to change my rubber on my backhand to short pips so I can learn to chop with my backhand and hopefully frustrate people in matches. Anyways, I know the difference between long and short pips, but I really would just love to know what pips to use for my backhand? I'm not too sure what the difference is with sponge, but I think I would like sponge on it. The only one I can think of is Spectol TSP Short pips, which a friend recommended.

Anything helps!

Thanks a lot!

Andrew L.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Andrew,

The Spectol rubber will give you a lot of control.

I hope others will be able to give you some more ideas as to short pimple rubbers.

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Martin Malchev

Martin Malchev Posted 8 years ago

I've tried Friendship 802-40 on a bakchand as a choping rubber. A good all - around rubber if you ask me . It has decent control for chops on a defensive blade like BTY Matsushita PRO , but it would take some time of getting used to for beginners , because it's a bit to fast with sponge (1mm) . Otherwise it's a very good rubber for blocks and offense on both backhand and forehand . And i would say probably the best first choice if you change from inverted rubbers , because it is very similar to one and can generate decent amount of spin on its own for a short pips .

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