What Stiga blade is good for DHS NEO National Hurricane 3

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Last updated 8 years ago

Maxwell Choi

Maxwell Choi Asked 8 years ago

Dear Pingskills,

I wonder what Stiga blade would be suitable for a sheet of DHS NEO National Hurricane 3. Would you please recommend me a Stiga blade with a budget below $128.99 (American).

Thanks again,


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Maxwell,

I don't have one in particular.  Get something in the medium speed range if you are not sure.

There is always the PingSkills Touch blade which is an good medium speed blade as well if you can't find anything suitable.

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Sammy Serea

Sammy Serea Posted 8 years ago

Hey Max,

I highly recommend the STIGA Rosewood V - it is an all wood premium bat, favourite amongst Chinese players using the exact rubber you specified and my personal favourite bat ever, and it's right in that price range I think ;)

A slightly cheaper wood in the same premium range, with almost the same qualities would be the STIGA Ebenholz V...


Maxwell Choi

Maxwell Choi Posted 8 years ago

I have bought the STIGA Rosewood NCT V with Donic Baracuda on both sides, which is similar or even better than DHS NEO National Hurricane 3. However, I keep missing the ball with this blade and I can't get a good third ball attack.


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