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saad alvi

saad alvi Asked 8 years ago

Hi Alois

 first of all I would like to thank u for helping me in Table tennis and I dont know if u remember my last Q which was  "I have a  a tournment in 4 days and i need a good serve".I understand that 4 days r not enough to practice a new serve so i just looked at your other videos like flicking the ball etc and because of them I won the tournment yesterday.Thank you so much again!!!!

Now for my Q I need a new racket.  which one is better.  1) "To by a new racket with the blade and rubber" or 2)"should I buy a blade separately and rubber separately" If 1 then why and which company is the best? 

I would love to buy your pingskills racket but I cant.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Saad,

Firstly congratulations on winning the tournament.  That is great to hear.

Regarding rackets, there isn’t one brand that is better.  Whether you get a pre made racket or a custom made racket will depend on the amount of time you have been playing and your stage of development.

If you have learnt all of the basic strokes and are consistent and confident with them then you can think about moving on to a custom bat.  The main thing with either option is the quality of the rubber  and not getting a blade that is too fast.  Go for an all-round rated blade and a rubber like Mark V for a custom blade.  With a pre made blade choose one that has a good quality rubber on it.

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