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Aswan Pradhan

Aswan Pradhan Asked 3 years ago

I want to buy a new rubber for my backhand which one shall I opt for...

My blade is Jun Mizutani zlc

On forehand I'm using tibhar-mxp

Which rubber shall I opt for on my backhand??

How about dhs hurricane neo 3 or Andro hexer ???

If not these rubbers than which one shall I opt for...

Please help.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Aswan,

I will hand this one over to the community.

Any ideas for Aswan?

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felix Oak

felix Oak Posted 3 years ago



are you starting or playing in a club or are you playing in tournament or for you nation.

if you answer i can say what rubber is the best

Aswan Pradhan

Aswan Pradhan Posted 3 years ago

I'm playing in a club and I'm actually preparing for a tournament 

Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 3 years ago

Is you backhand as strong as your forehand?  What is your prefered style of play on your backhand - defensive, all round, all-out attack? What are your strongest and 'go-to' backhand shots?  Do you like to play close to the table, mid-distance or far from the table?

Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 3 years ago

Do you need help with control and placement or do you have a need for speed?

Aswan Pradhan

Aswan Pradhan Posted 3 years ago

My playing style is all round.

My backhand is a bit weak as compared to my forehand.

I like to play close to the table.

And I need help with control and placement.


Mike Deubig

Mike Deubig Posted 3 years ago

Hello Aswan,

I would recommend, Genesis with the medium sponge or Genesis II with the medium sponge for your backhand. It doesn't have quite the power like other rubbers have, but spin, speed, and control are fabulous. I used the rubber on a couple of my fast blades for about a year and still use it on one my paddles where I won 2nd place in a tournament with it. I have more of an aggressive backhand now than before so I went to the Mantra M instead which is a perfect fit for me. If you do punch shots along with your other strokes then I would suggest the Mantra soft version.    

Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 3 years ago

I've not played the Genesis but a couple of others you could consider are: Victas 401 in 1.5mm - a fairly hard sponge with very high spin and control with moderate speed; Tibhar Aurus soft in 1.7mm - a medium soft sponge with great feel and control, good spin and plenty of speed for an all-rounder; Yaska Rakza X in 1.8 mm - good feel, spin, control and speed - basically a newer, better (at everything) version of the good old Mark V.

Of the 3, I recommend the Victas for a spin and control bias, the Tibhar for a speed and control bias and the Yasaka for a balanced performance (no bias).  All are suitable for intermediate players and above and all will do the job well (just a little differently to each other).

Good luck with choosing and with the tournament.

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