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Gerard McCarthy

Gerard McCarthy Asked 8 years ago

Who calls the let?

Check out the youtube clip from the Team World Championships a few days agornhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=XeMEvnnQRkw#t=201s

At 7 all in the third, Jike calls a let and Boll miss-hits the return as a result. The umpires miss this and call 7-8 which the players don’t notice until after the next point. At 7-9 the score is reversed to 7-8 after both players chat to the ump.

Can you tell me the exact rule number that covers the correction of a score, and the calling of a let on a previous point when both players want a let called?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Gerard,

I don't think there is a rule that covers this specifically. It is a bit of an unwritten rule that if both players agree to the score the umpire will change it.  If Zhang Jike hadn't agreed the score would have stood.

Sometimes if the umpire is stubborn, and doesn't agree to what both players are saying, the player that has benefitted will deliberately give away the next point.

These players see each other a lot and you soon develop a reputation if you are not honest. 

It is fraught with danger for the player to call the let though. If Boll had made the shot and won the point there may have been more of an argument as I don't think Boll played it like it was a let but the fact the Zhang had put his finger up would be enough to put Boll off the next shot.  


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