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Last updated 11 months ago

Yullia Voznuik

Yullia Voznuik Asked 11 months ago

Hello, I'm writing to you cause I discuss with my friends. In the video you can see, how Alina hit the ball, it fell on the other side of the table, then hit the net, and Veronica returned the ball. But the situation is really difficult and I think that Veronika has won the point. But what is the truth?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 months ago

Hi Yullia,

It looks like it is the Red players point.  The Blue player hits the ball, it hits the net and then hits the table and then the net post.  As the net post is considered part of the net, it means the ball has only bounced once on the table before the Red players hits it.  Then the Red player makes a good return to win the point.

It is quite complicated to watch but that is the rule.

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