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andrew streng

andrew streng Asked 7 years ago


I know the person who is serving usually says the serve before a point but is that a rule?  Can the receiver say the score if they want to and if so is that against the rules?

I was playing someone and they were getting upset (they were not winning) if I ever said the score when I was receiving.  I note some people when they serve wait until the last second to say the score and that is why sometimes I might say the score when receiving.

thanks Andrew

ps I forgot my password, so that means I have not been coming back to Pingskills enough.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Andrew,

There are no rules for this because at all official matches there is an umpire that will call the scores. It is just something that you need to work out with the player you are playing at the time.

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Douglas Hill

Douglas Hill Posted 7 years ago

It is difficult if the opponent says the score right before serving, especially if they mumble. I've taken to saying the score clearly, and with equal emphasis on the two numbers, right as my opponent returns to the table, unless they've already said it. If they get annoyed, I say it helps me remember the score if I hear myself say it, which is true. It also helps that I'm older and actually do tend to forget the score when I get hot and tired -- don't know if this will work for you.

What sometimes happens is that they get competitive about the score keeping and will announce it right before I would say it, which is fine by me -- I just want to verify it is right before having to attend to their serve.

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