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yasir huthaifa

yasir huthaifa Asked 9 years ago

Hi pingskills have you notes that the best player uses the black rubber on the forhand side and the red one on the other side and also you both at pingskills so is there any reason that forces you to choose the black one on the forehand 

Mabe ............

Ido not know so can you help

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Yasir,

There is no difference in the quality.  I usually use Red on my forehand.  I may have turned the bat around for some videos but most of the time I use the red.

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yasir huthaifa

yasir huthaifa Posted 9 years ago

okay but almost all the players use the black one i mean players like Timo boll,ma long,Zhang Jike etc.....

i guess maybe the opponent will not see the contact on the ball during the service as well or some thing like this 

any way it is not an important question 

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