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Vinh Unknown

Vinh Unknown Asked 14 years ago

hi guys, my biggest problem in my game is the fh counterhit, whenever i try to hit softly or go hard, my wrist moves alot, and the racket angle changes immensely, so its not a fluid stroke like u guys have shown, is there any ways to help alleviate this problem?

my bh counterhit is ok, more consistent than my fh, oh and what should be the NEUTRAL angle when preparing for a shot? [loop, topspin, hit etc]



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 14 years ago

Hi Vinh,

This is a common problem. 

The first thing is to focus completely on your wrist while you are hitting.  Start with a small stroke and just bunt the ball into play keeping your wrist still.  You can progress to slightly bigger strokes as you start to fell comfortable.  Don't worry too much about where the ball is going initially. I know it is hard to ignore if you are missing a lot of shots, but it will be better in the long run.

While you are doing the strokes also remember the basics from the video; Starting position and finish position.  If you can do these 2 things correctly you will not be flopping your wrist around too much.

You could even try using some bandaging to strap your wrist lightly while you are playing just to feel the position it should be in.

Remember, whenever you are tyring to change anything the key is total focus on that area, even at the expense of getting the ball on the table.

If you can get a partner who is consistent and can keep the ball coming back to you in the same spot that would help a lot.

Let us know if it works for you. 


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Soham Kulkarni

Soham Kulkarni Posted 9 years ago

Hi coach alois,


recently i tried out the fade forehand topspin(sidespin topspin) and it worked well. Now i have a problem hitting the Straighter version of it .

i had good consistncy with the straight one before i tried the new shot , now instead of moving forward for not so long balls i have got into the habit of bending my wrist back a bit and going for the straighter shot . It feels awkward and all the balls are hitting at the bottom of the bat .

many time i try to consciously correct my stroke but it happens sometimes , whereas sometimes my old habits creep back. I even tried to incorporate it while doing the daily shadow plays. still sometimes the wrist is not neutral .


some pointers please ?






Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Hi Soham,

It is important to get this straight shot back.  Really focus on getting the wrist straight because this is the most critical factor.  Just play the shots slowly.  Also watch what is happening to the ball when you hit it.  It will give you good feedback as to what is happening.

Soham Kulkarni

Soham Kulkarni Posted 9 years ago

Thanks for the super quick answer coach ... 

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