Yasaka pimple 0011 vs 0012

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Chetna Sharma

Chetna Sharma Asked 9 years ago


i am using the yasaka pimple 0012 black but now i found that my this rubber is dead and it is also not available in my town these days. My tournaments are also about to start within a week. so, now i am thinking to go with yasaka pimple 0011. Will it make any difference? 

i also want to know which one is comparatively much better than the other?

 please tell

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Chetna,

I don't know about these rubbers.  I hope some other readers will help you.

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Sal S.

Sal S. Posted 9 years ago

What is the full name of your rubber?

Chetna Sharma

Chetna Sharma Posted 9 years ago



Sal S.

Sal S. Posted 9 years ago

Quoted from ooakforum.com:

"The 0011 infinity is a very controlled rubber in OX with a good reversal when chopping. Attackings are very stable but not so dangerous as with spong. A very good rubber to hold the ball in the game and to prepare the fh attackings. I would use the 0012 infinity for a block and counterattacking game a bit closer to table then with the 0011. The 0011 has its strength at mid-distance when chopping and attacking."

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