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Rajorshi Biswas

Rajorshi Biswas Asked 11 years ago


First of all, your videos are GREAT! Thank you so much for sharing them free of charge. I'm watching each of them to improve my game :-). I play TT at office, I'm about average, but I want to improve my technique. I would like your recommendation on a bat. The restriction is that I have to buy it online (I'm in India, and I don't want it internationally shipped etc), and I have only the following options. I would love a bat which offers good spin.

Donic Young Champ 400 

GKI Kung-Fu Table Tennis Bat ($12) - Control - 97, Speed - 91, Spin - 91

Donic Waldner 400 Table Tennis Bat (Flared handle and with 1.8 mm Donic red and black rubber sheets. 5 layers Vario ply. Control:9, Speed:7,Spin:5)

Butterfly Timo Boll 500

Donic Gold All Round (5 ply blade with black/gold anatomic handle. It has red and black Champion 5 star ITTF approved reversed rubber with 1.8 mm sponge and AVS and PLS system)

Butterfly Champ (Red and Black Japanese Butterfly Panasia approved reversed rubber with 1.5mm sponge)

Donic Waldner 600 ( 2.0 mm sponge. Control : 7, Grip : Anatomic AN, Speed : 9, Spin : 7)

Butterfly Wakaba Series (Control : 80,Speed : 80,Spin : 90)

BUtterfly Grubba Control (Control : 10, Speed : 5, Spin : 6)

JOOLA Team Germany Master

Butterfly Primorac Master (Control : 9, Speed : 7, Spin : 8,Style : All round)

Butterfly Yuki II Series (Control : 90, Speed : 100, Spin : 100) 

Would love it if you could help me out - I'm really confused! I'd like to stay within Rs 1000-1500 ($20-$30 USD) for my first bat

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Rajorshi,

Out of all of that the one that I could recommend is the Yuki.  This has good control and a reasonable quality rubber.  I don't know the rest well enough to comment.

It is difficult to get a bat for that price that is going to last you and give you enough spin and control to learn your strokes well.  It may be better to wait and save your money till you can get the next level up of bats. 

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Rajorshi Biswas

Rajorshi Biswas Posted 11 years ago

Thanks so much for your response! That helps, I can certainly go for the Yuki at the moment.

 Again, love your videos!  

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 11 years ago

No problems and... Thanks!!!

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