Show #297 - Overcoming Nerves

6 years ago

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My favourite question from this episode is one regarding nerves in tournaments. We discuss this and other questions, plus there's a great joke of the week! And we have the tip of the week, drill of the week, and discuss the recent tournaments including the 2017 German Open. 

Joke of the Week - 1:06

An old guy in his Volvo is driving home from work when his wife rings him on his cell phone...

On this Week - 3:42

Jean-Michel Saive's Birthday

Tournament Wrap - 7:02

We discuss results from the German Open and Swedish Open, and how this will affect the World Rankings when the new system comes into effect. We also talk about the upcoming Spanish Open.

Tip of the Week - 16:40

Join a table tennis club.

Drill of the Week - 18:58

Practice your serve. Focus on getting as much spin as you can and don’t worry about where the ball lands.

Position When Serving - 21:35

Scott: I've been working on both my pendulum serve and reverse pendulum serve. Your videos always show these serves being done from the corner of the table. Is it a good idea to adjust this starting position to the middle or far corner to get some more variety in the trajectory of the serve? Is there a weakness to this that I should be looking to exploit if my opponent serves from another position?

Same Serve Different Spins - 26:42

Chandrachur: Can you show me a serve which can create all types of spins depending on the point of contact and is also used by good players.

Handling Pressure - 30:06

Harkaran: I am not very good at handling pressure in a knockout situation in a tournament with the fear that I will end up losing the tournament. And that’s what always happens with me. The fear increases with every tournament. Pls help me handle the situation.

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