Show #300 - Win a PingSkills T-Shirt

6 years ago

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To celebrate our 300th show we are running a competition where you can win one of five PingSkills T-Shirts simply by entering the code word on our website. To find out the code word simply listen to the show. You have until the 18th December 2017 to submit your entry. As usual we'll have all our regular segments as part of the show and answer some interesting table tennis questions.

Joke of the Week - 0:56

What's red and bad for your teeth?

On This Week - 3:38

Karl Jindrak's Birthday

Tournament Wrap - 6:18

ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

Trill of the Week - 10:52

Generate more spin on your serves.

How Do I Continue To Get Better - 13:51

Sam: I’m a 14 year old boy and I have just started playing table tennis at the start of October this year. I have learnt the basic strokes and spins but I don’t know what I should practice next. Should I just continue on the basics or start to learn some of the more complex stuff? I also am getting the Carlton kx k9 bat which has 100 control and 95 spin and 90 speed. Is that a good bat to get for a beginner?

Switching RPB and Traditional Backhand - 16:16

Hurricane_ boss: Hi there coach! I am having this problem right now, and that is I am a penholder, and I was used to using the traditional backhand for 2 year and now I am using Reverse Penhold backhand and I can RPB very well but in a real match where everything is very fast I just automatically switch to the traditional backhand instead of RPB. This has been going on for a long time. Please help! Thanks

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