Show #320 - Finding a Club

4 years ago

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Welcome to another edition of the ask the coach show where we answer your table tennis questions. In this episode we talk about how getting more spin on your serves, different grips, junior development, and how to find a table tennis club. Enjoy the show!

Joke of the Week - 2:10

Last night I put my car into reverse....

Should I Change the Way I Hold the Racket - 2:55

Mason: I grew up play by holding my racket kind of like the shakehand grip but with my thumb on the same side of the paddle as my index finger. Will this limit me and should I switch to the normal shake hand grip.

Getting More Spin on Serves - 7:03

David: Hi guys, when doing a forehand backspin serve I have been told to contact the ball at the front edge of the bat. Why would you not contact the ball at back edge of the bat? Can you please explain? Love the videos keep the going!

Junior Development - 11:02

Fabian: Can you please give me tips on how to improve the level of a junior squad? The squad consists of 8 juniors at different levels and ages. I am looking to achieve significant improvement within a span of 6 to 12 months. If you can advise a list of tips to follow, that will be great.

Finding a Club - 16:18

Steven:  Hello Pingskills, I have been into ping pong, and I want to play other people besides my family. Could you please tell me a good club to join? Thanks!

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