Show #322 - Build Your Own Table

3 years ago

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We're back with more jokes, more OMG Facts, and we also answer some of your table tennis questions. Enjoy the show!

Joke of the Day

Don't use "beef stew" as your password!

What do sprinters eat before a race?

Build a Table Tennis Table

Germán: In these days I would like to make a table tennis table but I don't know which wood is the best. The other problem is the paint as I don't know which is the best.

Older Videos on Sports Performances

Marco: Hi, first of all I would like to say that I find your videos very good and the idea that you had of creating a site where you can learn everything and more about pingpong is really fantastic! said that, my question is the following. I have seen that many of your videos are from 10-12 years ago. In 10-12 years, has the technique, tactics and everything related to the world of ping pong changed or has it somehow evolved? If I learn one of your techniques explained 10-12 years ago, do I learn an older technique? My question is not only about the technique but in general to all the contents of the site. If there are videos from 6-7-10-12 years ago, do I learn something that has evolved over the years? And if all the contents of the site have evolved, how much can this evolution affect performances?

What is Fluid Motion?

Oscar: Let me know what is fluid motion in table tennis as I don't understand its meaning.

Flicking at Me!

Jason: Whenever I do a push, and I return back to my normal position, the ball gets flicked at me with good power. How do I counter a flick after pushing the ball short and using a short serve with spin?

Links in this Episode

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