Show #324 - World Table Tennis Restructured

3 years ago

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The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped sport all around the world, but it has also given sporting bodies the opportunity to reflect. During this time the ITTF has released some important details about the restructuring of the sport. We discuss this and as always answer your questions. I hope you enjoy the show!

Joke of the Day

PingSkills Competition

Win a yearly subscription by hitting the ball on the edge of your bat as many times in a row as you can.

World Table Tennis Restructured

The sport will now have 4 grand smashes each year and there will not be an individual world championships. We discuss these interesting developments.

Custom Bat and Rubber Thickness

Mike: Does it matter what thickness of sponge on the bat? When making a custom bat do you have to glue the rubber to the wood or does it come with sticky surface?

Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Tommy: Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a table tennis table for garage and backyard play would like your thoughts on the Cornilleau outdoor tables?

Reducing Switch Time

Jishnu: It takes a lot of time to switch between forehand to backhand. Any tips how to improve this area of my game?

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