Show #330 - Next Show Will Be Great

3 years ago

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During the week Alois and I discussed introducing an amazing new segment to the show. Unfortunately we both forgot about it and so it is not part of the show. I still think you'll enjoy this episode though but make sure you listen to episode 331 when it comes out as it will be brilliant (as long as we remember what the amazing new segment was going to be)!

Grip Revisited

Thomas - Hi Coach. My favorite tip from you is  holding the bat in the last two fingers, freeing up the wrist. I found this easy to learn on the forehand and basically didn't on the backhand. I unconsciously got away from this, though, and I had a swing emphasizing the index or the thumb. I'm going back to your way now and realize to do this on both shots you basically change the grip slightly each time by pivoting the bat so the ring finger and pinky are firmed up for each shot. This is what you meant, right? I don't see a way to do it without the slight change. I can do it quickly, as quickly it seems to me as the slight change almost everyone uses when going from forehand to backhand.As you move toward the ball, you pivot the bat. Of course I'm not facing 100 mph returns. I don't remember you mentioning this pivot in the grip video. Thanks.

The Volley. Is it Useful?

Darren - Hi Alois, I have started using a shot I call the volley recently. Just like a volley in Tennis. You play it early after the ball bounces and it’s basically a block. The benefit I see is it returns the ball quickly and may catch an opponent off guard. I play it with a loose grip. Do you have any thoughts on this one, I haven’t seen any videos on it.

Ball Rollers

Shaurya - Hi Alois and Jeff! I have been wondering how do I get a ball to roll on the table to help me win points. Thanks!

Tactics for Blockers

Jasper - Hi alois, what advice do you have for blockers against different types of styles?

Bouncing the Ball Before Serving

Josep - Is it allowed to bounce the ball on the table several times while serving? Some players do so in order to disturb the receiver.

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