Show #334 - September Challenge and Swapping Roles

3 years ago

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In this show we introduce the PingSkills September Challenge and discuss whether Alois and Jeff should swap roles on the show. Plus we have our usual segments including the joke of the week, tip of the week, on this day, and OMG facts. Of course we answer some of your table tennis questions along the way too!

Playing Table Tennis After a Long Break

Jasper - It has been 3 months since I played table tennis, if my table tennis quality drops, what should I do to get to my original level?

Table Tennis 7 Sets Championships

Gianfranco - Hi, what are all the championships that play 7 sets matches?

Counter Hit

Jason - Is a counter hit basically a drive. I heard that drive and counter hit are the same.

Weight Transfer

Shaurya - Hi Alois and Jeff, I was wondering if you have any tutorials on weight transfer, I find it quite hard for me to shift my weight from my back leg to my front to get the power in my stroke.

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