Show #340 - How Did You Meet?

3 years ago

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As always, I'm joined by super coach Alois Rosario for another edition of the ask the coach podcast! In this episode we answer more of your table tennis questions including How did Alois and I meet. So grab yourself a beverage and sit back and enjoy the show.

Returning a Deep Chop

Peter - My regular opponent fears my backhand so continually sends a deep heavy chop to my forehand. Eventually I get frustrated and either hit the net with my return chop or over hit a forehand loop return. What to do in this situation?

Warm Up in Competitions

Jasper - I remember you saying that in the warm up, you can do anything. But when watching competitions, it seems like they only do drives, blocks and topspins. Why don't people do chops and smashes and pushing and sidespinning and other possible techniques?


Jason - Why do some penholders switch their grip to shakehand when they smash? Like Wang Zengyi and Ma Lin? Is it powerful?

Rubber on Rubber

Phil - Thanks for question answered 18 hrs ago so from what you say you can buy a new rubber & put it on the existing bat is that right?

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