Show #356 - What Do Typists and Table Tennis Players Have in Common?

3 years ago

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Jeff loves an analogy, and I'll let you be the judge of whether his one about typists is good or not. Either way I think you'll enjoy the show!

Tournament Preparation

Jasper - I have a school tournament that's coming up in 3 weeks time. Any suggestions on how to prepare for it or with any other tournament?

My Backhand Always Goes Into the Net

Mufasa - Hello PingSkills team. It's a pleasure to be talking with you. I always watch your videos. In social media (mostly on YouTube) and I'm getting difficulties making the backhand. My backhand is nowhere controllable. It's mostly under the net! When I try to aim at the end of the table. It sometimes jumps and flies. And also I can't do backhand in a normal match because I need it on a very specific high. And even I might get it and sometimes not. Which is very disappointing!

Topspinning Long Pushes

Kenneth - When I watch Youtube videos of top players, whenever there is a long but low ball with slight underspin, usually a push or serve, the player will try to execute a topspin attacking stroke on the ball. However, when I try this, it usually ends in the net. Should I continue to attempt this stroke, or just push the ball back, which is a safer stroke, but not really initiating any attacking rallies for me. Is there a progression to practice getting to how the top players get into the rallies by attacking the long pushes consistently? Is it just practice? Thanks.

About the Premium Membership

Ardak - I want to try premium membership for a month (maybe next month). I have some questions. 

1) Do you analyze only strokes? I mean will you also watch a part of a game and give advices how to win a certain opponent? and say which mistakes am I doing vs a certain opponent?

2) Will you send analysis only in a PDF format? Won't you send videos? For example to say "you are doing THIS wrong movement, you are not doing THIS important movement"

3) How many videos can I send for analyze in a month?

Thank you.

Links in this Episode

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