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Marty Wood

Marty Wood Asked 11 years ago

Hey Jeff or Alois I'm a new player and have not locked into a racket yet. I'm thinking about a B'fly Timo Boll All to start with, but my question is rubber. I'm told by some club guys to start with thin rubber (1.5) until I learn proper strokes and power then move to thicker rubber (2.0)? What do you guys think?

Thanks for your DVD's and teaching videos....

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Marty,

The 1.5mm rubber will give you a little better control.  Without seeing yo play of course, it is probably sound advice from your club mates. 

Initially when you are learning it is best to err on the side of having a bat with too much control rather than too much speed or spin.  With the 1.5mm you will be able to confidently play a full stroke at the ball.  This will allow you to develop your strokes without worrying about the ball flying off the table. 

Thanks for your kind words about our DVDs and videos.  We are really happy with what we have been able to provide so far and are looking to be able to help players even more.

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