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Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson Asked 13 years ago

I recently switched from using "recreational-type" table tennis balls to using 3-star balls which appear to be slightly heavier (they are definitely firmer).   I'm finding it more difficult puting topspin on these 3-star balls consequently I'm hitting my forehand topspins off the table more than I usual.   Is it true that a heavier, firmer ball takes the spin less than a lighter, softer ball given the same stroke?   If so, how would you suggest I compensate for switching to a 3-star ball.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Peter,

The 3 star balls do travel a bit further.  They are definitely heavier and feel like they are not getting as much spin because they don't drop as quickly.  This is more due to the heaviness taking them further.

I think you should practice with the 3 star balls a bit more or get better training balls. 

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