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Aaron San

Aaron San Asked 11 years ago

Hello there.

 I recently bought myself my first custom-made bat. The blade was LKT Magic Killer (OFF+) while the rubbers were Flextra and Sriver FX. I found the bat to have very little spin, and some of my friends attributed this lack of spin to the blade. I read online that DEF blades have more spin. Is this true, and are there exceptions to the rule. 

Also, if any of the other readers have any experience with the Butterfly Primorac Blade (OFF-), does this blade have a lot of spin? 



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Aaron,

It is the rubber that is the biggest factor in spin.  In general, the slower blades will allow you to spin the ball a little more because the ball stays on the bat a little longer.

Flextra rubber is a good all round rubber but will not give you a lot of spin.  You may want to upgrade that before looking at the blade.

If any readers have experience with the Primorac blade let us know as well. 

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Tevia Sapire

Tevia Sapire Posted 11 years ago

If this is your first custom raquet, then choosing an Off+ is not a good move. It is harder to generate spin with very fast blades unless you have developed the touch and control to be able to do this.The blade will be too fast for you to generate good spin. This is why you are probably experiencing lack of spin. Get yourself something slower, you said you had the primorac, thats a good choice. you will be able to generate more spin with that because the ball won't shoot off your raquet without you being able to generate spin.   

Good Luck

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