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Poonam Rana

Poonam Rana Asked 8 years ago

Dear Coach 

i used to be gymnast in my school days..the environment i belong to, is never sports oriented. I was never guided by anybody. I am so much into sports..i wish my parents have focused on this part of mine. BTW i am 24 now and i seriously want to make a good start..i dont think i am too late because my passion is not letting me accept that. i am a working girl and i cant quit my job i am know to make exception. if i can have someone like u to guide me i can make exception in this. I just once want to have your opinion.

I just don't feel such passion in anything else as i feel in playing any sport. I have been playing TT since last 3 years, also won women's single during my collage sports week. 



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Poonam,

Follow your passion.  Just work as hard as you can and see where you can end up.

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