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Krish Gupta

Krish Gupta Asked 1 month ago

Hi, sir Alois 

I have been playing table tennis for 6 years now and have been using a pre made GKI offensive racket. I am an intermediate player and serious about pursuing table tennis. Please suggest a tt blade and rubber combination so that I can enhance my techniques. 

A big thanks to your training videos which guided me in my initial learnings especially learning pendulum serve. 

Thank you

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Krish,

It's great to hear about your passion for table tennis and that you've been developing your skills for 6 years now. Choosing the right equipment is an important step to further improve your game. As an intermediate player who is serious about pursuing table tennis, you would benefit from a custom racket that allows you to both generate spin and maintain a good level of control.

The rackets we have are the PingSkills Touch with either Mark V or Rakza 7 rubber.  If you feel confident enough, go for the faster Rakza 7 racket.

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