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pushkar deo

pushkar deo Asked 11 years ago

I am getting a brand new MARK 5 rubber at a discounted price but the rubber is manufacured/packed by the manufacturer in January 2010. If the rubber is packed and not used for so much time (about 8-10 months), will it affect the quality of the rubber?

If so, then what cutting line should I keep so that if the rubber packed before certain number of months then I should avoid buying it?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Pushkar,

This will not be a problem at all.  Even if the rubber is a couple of years old and still packaged, it will be good.

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pushkar deo

pushkar deo Posted 11 years ago

Thanks Alois.. On the same subject, I have another query. The dealer is is saying that he will also fix the rubbers to the blade at a nominal price but I noticed that the glue he is using is in a Red coloured container with 'Alvis Texo Bond' written on it. This, I think, is used to repair automobile tyre flats. Is it okay to use this glue OR I should avoid fixing the rubber using this glue?

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