when to change a rubber before a tournment

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jassy faz

jassy faz Asked 11 years ago


i changed my rubber almost 2 months ago, i want to go into this tournment in 9 days with full force , when should i change my rubbers? i do practise around 3 hours a day , please suggest, thanks


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Shay,

I think you shpould change rubber at least a week before the tournament if you think it needs changing.

After 2 months playing 3 hopurs a day it will be starting to get worn.  It is important that when you change rubber you are totally comfortable with it before you play in a competition.  That means you should have hit with it for at least 2 sessions.  You should also have played some reasonabl serious games with it.  It is only when you play matches that you experience the true feel of what it will be like under pressure.

Good luck at the tournament.  The PingSkills crew will be supporting you.

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