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habib flaha

habib flaha Asked 6 years ago


My name is Habib. Personally I throw my boll 2 m high when I serve because I feel that I have a betterĀ ( back - top - side ) spin. But a lot of top player are fine with a 30cm high however they have a great amount of spin on there serves such as Timo Boll and others.

My question is what is the advantages and disadvantages of a ( high - low ) toss? Regardless that both can have a good amount of spin.

And thanks a lot!

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 6 years ago

Hi Habib,

The high toss serve can be harder to learn because the ball is moving quite fast as it comes down from such a height. But because it is moving faster you can often get a good amount of spin with a good brushing contact. And the other advantage is that it can be harder for your opponent to watch the ball all the way up and then be focused on the contact. If you are doing well with the high toss serve then stick with it. Samsonov is a great player who utilises the high toss serve well.

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