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reymar domingo

reymar domingo Asked 12 years ago

Hi! First of all, thanks for all the videos you made it really helps me a lot to improve my skills..

now, how can i play effectively against a penhold user with a short pimple in the fore..

because whenever he smash the ball, it doesnt bounce high, because it is a dead ball, or no spin..

I`m a junior high student and not an english person, so please make it more simple in explaning.. thanks in advance!! 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Reymar,

The short pimples has the effect of making the ball very flat without much topspin.  To play against this you need to lift the ball with more topspin on your strokes.  It will feel like there is almost backspin on some of the balls.

Your stroke needs to be more vertical to lift the ball over the net. 

Also take a look at our lesson on the Effects of Rubbers.  This will give you some more ideas. 

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