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Jethro Jet

Jethro Jet Asked 7 years ago

Hey ping skills! Which is better: all wood blades or carbon blades? And what is the difference and the disadvantages and advantages. Thanks for advance! :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Jethro,

I don’t think there is a lot of difference.  The blade doesn’t have as much effect on the performance of the racket as the rubber.

Just find a blade that feels comfortable for you and then train hard.

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Jean Balthazar

Jean Balthazar Posted 7 years ago

In general, considering two blades with the same wood layers, an additional carbon layer is supposed to stiffen the blade. Also in general, a stiffer blade is supposed to be better for blocking and flat hitting, while a more flexible blade is supposed to be better for looping.

Wijaya Atmaja

Wijaya Atmaja Posted 7 years ago

Hallo Jet, i just have a carbon blade for my games, i'm using allwood blade before. Just because i'm using 7 fly wood and that blade is an offensive blade, so i feel there aren't different with my new carbon blade. But it's quietly different  feel with my another wood blade that has 5 fly wood and it has softer topfly blade. So as my conclution whether it's carbon or allwood blade, the typical of blade will make difference while you playing the game. 

Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen Posted 6 years ago

Used all wood for years, and have now played with Ma Lin Carbon Soft for the past twelve months. It does seem a little stiffer, with a more solid feel to it even though it only weighs seven grams more. Tried my new Synergy blade (all wood) last night and it felt a little hollow in comparison but I'll go back to all wood for a while just to see. The blade is your foundation after all.

 As for short pips on your backhand, it seems quite common with the older generation. I was pleasantly surprised with Adidas P-3, great spin, very fast, and most importantly super control. It's similar to T64 and half the price. This rubber is the go! (I may be answering another question now, sorry)

 I completely agree with Jean's thoughts about the difference in carbon blades. Doubt it will be the deciding factor in a game though. Cheers

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