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Yousef Yazdi

Yousef Yazdi Asked 10 years ago


I have Donic Bloodwood 7 senso blade and my FH rubber is Donic Acuda S1 and my BH is Donic Traction MS PRO.

I'm so beginner and I'm training for 2 month in table tennis club but I want to buy Anti-Spin rubber like Donic Alligator Anti because I love Anti players and them strategy.

Please say me what need to do for learning anti spin technics and why don't exist any video for learning this strategy?!

Best Regards,

Yousef Yazdi.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Yousef,

Playing with Anti-spin rubber is a focus of an upcoming lesson for our Match Strategy course.  Stay tuned for it.

The main thing with anti-spin is to use the spin of you opponent against them.  The stroke needs to be low and using the spin of others.

You need to be able to punch through the push balls and control the topspin balls by keeping the ball low and awkward for your opponent.

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