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Kenneth Tham

Kenneth Tham Asked 1 month ago

Dear Pingskills,

I sometimes receive balls for backhand which are below net height on contact. I find it difficult to use the backhand drive to return. Should I use the backhand topspin instead?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Kenneth,

When dealing with balls that are below net height for your backhand, it indeed can be challenging to play an effective backhand drive. For balls below net height, the backhand topspin would be the appropriate choice. When you play a backhand topspin, you have the opportunity to brush up against the back of the ball, creating topspin that will help lift the ball over the net and dip it down onto the table. It's important to remember the key points when playing the backhand topspin.  Take a look at the tutorial on Backhand Topspin Against Block.

Good luck with your backhand topspin!

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