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Lucifer Utkarsh

Lucifer Utkarsh Asked 5 months ago

How can I improve my backhand chop and top shots.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 months ago

Hi Lucifer,

Take a look at our tutorial on Penhold Grip Techniques.  In there you will find the basic principles on the two strokes.

For a chop, the racket needs to be more open (facing more upwards) so that when you make contact, you can create backspin. Experiment with this angle to find the right amount of spin for your chop.

To improve the Penhold Backhand Topspin (Reverse Penhold Backhand or RPB).  Most modern penholders use the reverse side of their racket to execute a backhand topspin, known as the Reverse Penhold Backhand (RPB). Make sure you're flipping your racket and using the proper side for this shot.  For topspin, close the racket angle slightly. You want to brush up on the ball to create spin. The contact should be more on the upper half of the ball.

Get close to the ball and stay balanced. Your elbow should act as a pivot point, with the stroke extending from there.

Consistent practice is key. Have a training partner feed you balls to your backhand side, focusing alternately on your chop and topspin shots.

Study videos of top penholders like Felix Lebrun from France. Observe his positioning, timing, and how he generates spin and power.

Remember, the penhold grip offers unique advantages but also requires specific techniques to execute backhand strokes effectively. Regular practice, coaching, and studying high-level penhold players will go a long way in improving both your backhand chop and topspin shots.

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